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 Invader Zo-e's graphic shop

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Invader Zo-e
Invader Zo-e

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PostSubject: Invader Zo-e's graphic shop   Mon Oct 11, 2010 1:50 pm

I haz a shop :'D

well anyway,

I have this new program, and I can make YOU, a custom banner of your choice. No posts required, all you need is to be an active member, and I'll make it for you.

So here's the forms.

Banner and avatar form
Preferred font?:
Pictures used:
Size (in pixels):

Oh yeah, and if you know Pokemon, I got a shitload of features for that Very Happy

• Original idea ~ Kaleidoscope Pokemon
This is another idea of mine Very Happy what happens is, you give me a Pokemon, and I'll make it look like you're looking at it through a kaleidoscope, like this Very Happy (that was a shiny mew)

• Devamps
A Pokemon that has the colors of an older game. Tell me the Pokemon you want devamped and to what generation.

• Revamps
Uhm, same as above except it has the colors of a newer game. ^

• Silhouettes
A Pokemon that looks like a shadow. Tell me the Pokemon, it's as simple as that.

• Glow
Pokemon with a glow to it. Simple. It can be an inner glow, or outer. Please specify. The glow can also be different colours, not just black and white.

• Knockout
Pokemon sprite that's invisible, but the outline is still visible with a shadow.

• Gijinkas
I can make Trainer Sprites look like actual Pokemon. This is fairly easy for me, just give me the link to the Trainer sprite you want, and the Pokemon you want it converted into.

• Animations
OKAY, here's the deal! I can animate it if you give me the frames. Give me frames, I give you picture. I can't make the animation for you! It's too hard, and time-consuming. I can take 50 frames at a time, that's a lot. Srsly. Very Happy

• Original idea ~ Spotlights
Okay, what this basically is is that you give me a picture, and I'll make it look like there's a spotlight coming from it. Tell me how you want the lighting to be, glow in the middle, light coming from above, to the right, down, or to the left.

• Pokeballs/Eggs
Self explanatory. I can make Pokeballs that are like Pokemon, OR I can recolour them to any colour of your liking. Same for eggs.

• Recolors
Recolor any Pokemon to one color, or the colors of another Pokemon. Any recolor is fine. Give me a color scheme/a few colors to work with and I'll be fine. :]

• Transparency
I can remove white backgrounds if you don't have the tools for it. :3

• Splicing
It's when you combine two Pokemon together. Please note, I will only successfully splice SIMPLE REQUESTS. I'm not a pro at it, don't ask me to splice Arceus + Mew + Rayquaza + Mewtwo. That scares me. :[

And that's it.




Splices ~

^ Mew/Meowth splice

Mew/Voltorb splice

Recolors ~

Charizard with the colours of Blaziken

Mightyena with the colours of Shiny Charizard

(request so I can give previews of banners/avatars!)

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Invader Zo-e's graphic shop

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